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Examples of MUCIA’s educational and technical assistance around the world include:
Between 1982 and 2002, with funding support from USAID and World Bank Indonesia, MUCIA coordinated the placement and monitoring of graduate training of hundreds of Indonesian students in U.S. universities.
From 1995-1992, with support of the Asian Development Bank Papua New Guinea Project, MUCIA provided placement and monitoring services for graduate students enrolled in U.S. universities.
With multi-year funding support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), MUCIA, in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the project’s ead MUCIA university, and other MUCIA institutions, is assisting Egyptian partner universities (i.e. Cairo University, Assiut University, Al-Minia University and Al-Azhar University) with the improvement of student preparation, faculty training and curriculum revision designed to strengthen institutional inkages between universities and the public and private sectors.
MUCIA has provided technical and educational assistance to the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and other government organizations of the United Arab Emirates to enhance the quality and academic capacity of the educational system of the Emirates.
For more than a decade, MUCIA worked in Malaysia and the Southeast Asia region to strengthen various components of higher education including: Curriculum design; Information systems development; ibrary and text development; Development of policy analysis capabilities; Development of a Malaysian Center for the teaching of personnel of a newly created polytechnic college offering technical degrees in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering as well as manufacturing and automated packaging; Designing of educational facilities; and Preparing equipment specifications.
In Papua New Guinea, between 1995-2001, MUCIA provided technical assistance designed to enhance the coordination and management of higher education.
MUCIA has conducted business management training programs in Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Russia.
MUCIA has assisted the Indonesian government in developing an institution of agriculture.
In Nepal, MUCIA assisted in ong-term national planning and economic development.
In The Dominican Republic, MUCIA expanded the agribusiness and agroindustrial community in the Dominican Republic.
MUCIA created information technology training programs in China for executives and managers.
MUCIA assisted in the development of a public administration and training agency in Thailand.
In Myannar, MUCIA assisted in the development of agricultural production and storage capabilities.
In South Africa, MUCIA assisted in establishing regional trade offices.
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